Monday, December 3, 2007

The Stewart Letter, What Do You Think? - By N.L. Belardes

Photo: The Stewart Letter

I just posted the entire Stewart Letter on ABC23 (read related article).

What do I think? I think romance, love and lust can make people do really bizarre things. Hiring hitmen, people getting killed, living in fear, and a failed business, if Giangrossi gets found guilty. I'm thinking this is a far cry from what is supposed to be living the American dream.

The Stewart Letter itself, is it a cry for help? Is it just finger-pointing and waving the flag of accusation?

I keep hearing from people that this is playing out like a television drama. Only we need to remind ourselves in the community that even though we may be talking about this Stewart Letter on television, this is more than reality TV in our backyard. This is terrible news.

I'm sure a lot of lives are being affected by this event. Imagine living in Stewart's neighborhood. I would be living in fear too. Gunfire on more than one occasion, an almost burnt down house. What do you do if you have kids? Do you tell them, "Don't play by that man's house. He's dangerous. And the people who go there are dangerous."

But enough from me. What do you think about the Stewart Letter and this entire news story?


Matt / Bakotopia said...

I was pretty interested in how the whole thing played out - kind of excited in a sick way, actually.

"Whoa, this type of crap only happens in the movies! Holy shiznit, this is happening in good ol' Bako! I gotta find out the scoop!"

When I read how everyone was connected, I ended up feeling bad for the guy who had to sleep with his gun, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

All I know is...Better him than me!


Yo, where's my comic book book?

Anonymous said...

yeap... this is happening in our own backyard. This stuff and stuff like this has been going on for years. I hope that we will be able to see the entire turth as the investigation is completed. But no matter what look at all the lives that have been adversely affected by this entire chain of events. Look a just how sad this entire event is. Sad to know that good ol' Bakersfield is not free from the drama that we think only happens in movies.

WOOF WOOF said...

Its scary that someone just couldnt get on with their lives and move the fudge on. I mean nobody is worth that much trouble. I also in my opinion on if she had anything to do with it? I think if she didnt,,she sure as hell put lighter fluid to that fire of a situation.

sagefever said...

Our own Helen of Troy.What a waste of lives,both of those directly involved and the surrounding innocents. Men,here is a free hint~if you believe a woman is crazy,jealous and want to latter claim"we were never together">>do not have sex with her.That would have saved time,trouble and lives.

Anonymous said...

Steven contradicts himself or the media isn't accurate. In one interview Steven states that Madica was the first person he thought of when he was shot at in October. Then he said, no, it was God who he thought of first, then Madica. In Sunday's paper, the media states that Steven didn't think of Madica at all during the October incident. Also, in Sunday's paper, Steve claims that he didn't know Madica was married. My ties to her told me (before all this unfolded) that Steve called Madica 100 times in a 24 hour period. If that isn't stalking, I don't know what is! Go get those phone records!!!! Steve is not as "holy" as he is claiming.

Anonymous said...

oops..."100 times in a 24 hour period when she was getting married in Vegas."

Anonymous said...

Steve and Madica couldn't be together and they couldn't be apart. Neithe of them could stand the thought of the other being with someone else. They stalked each other! Yes, get those phone records. Steve did harrass Madica with dozens of calls on her wedding day. Many people know that. They were verbally, emotionally and physically absusive to each other. I don't think Madica actually wants Steve dead, she just wants him, period. IMHO, Stan was well aware of the sick emotional connection between the two supposed ex-lovers and knew that it was not going to go away unless one of them did.

Many of Madica's friends, co-workers and family tried to get her to get away from Steve YEARS ago. I'm sure his friends and family tried to get him to do the same. Now look how many lives are ruined because they were not mature enough to just end such an unhealthy relationship.

Steve is milking is 15 minutes of fame while Madica is probably holed up in her house on tranquilizers. She'd be smart not to get into say anything to the press and just lay it all out in court.

Anonymous said...

this is just a sick game that everyone is playing. everyone is going back and forth on what is the truth and what's not. get your facts striaght!! the truth will come out in the end & then we'll all know whats REALLY going on. maybe they were harassing eachother, maybe they weren't. but honestly, the only people who know what really happened, is Madica and Steve. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT.

WOOF WOOF said...

I think this will play out in that 48 hours show:)
This is Bakersfield you think they truth will EVER come out? UH HUH!

N.L. Belardes said...

There's some great comments over on the ABC23 Files on blogs too...

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how those who crack the sarcastic jokes are those who probably don't even care to take the time to think about everything BEHIND the story that is being covered by the media. What about the family members of the men who unfortunately got them selves caught up with some phsyco desperate woman, who magically appeared in this man's life, and suddenly, so suddenly, and coincidently for that matter, her ex-lover is a target. Why is she not being labeled the "Master Mind"? Why has her picture not been all over the news and media. Has there not been one person to question her "ROLE" in this whole situation? How many days did SHE go thinking of a way to get back at Steve? Really, a successful business man, who just 3 months into a marriage with a woman with a history of domestic troubles, and a relationship fall out with a bad history of drama, all of a sudden wakes up one day and decides to kill a man. Im not condoning the thought of it all, but I do wonder how this woman is getting away with murder...literally! Without her, these men would have probably never stepped foot in court otherwise. And as far as Giangrossi moving into his home a block away 6 months AFTER Steve moved into his home, well let it be known that Giangrossi had begun production on building that home since 2006! Now question the timeline: When production began (which may cancel out the fact that Giangrossi moved there with a bad intension or any intension which inluded Steve period), the time between Giangrossi meeting Madica and marrying her(which may bring up question as to why Madica moved in with Giangrossi, why she chose to marry as soon as she did. And more so, how suddenly in the midst of the alledged chaos and termoil between she and Steve she falls so in love with another man...a man with lots of money...she runs off to Vegas and gets married). And more so, how soon after getting married did she manage to stir up the waters so heavily that she was actually successful in feeding someone so much twisted information that she somehow managed to get a man to get himself caught up in a chain of events thar would later turn into a crime. Again, Im not saying that at some point what has been done is not wrong, I just believe that not all the suspects are sitting behind bars. And if Steve is still worried that this is not yet over, I could not agree more. The initial cause of this whole crime, is probably still sleeping cozy at night, in a warm bed that her wealthy husband mostly likely paid for, spending his money...A BLOCK AWAY!!!

Has it crossed anybody's mind that she had a plot planned to somehow make this all happen, and sit on a nice pile of cash??? I hope to see her questioned, let's see her response as to what she said to cause Giangrossi to ever get the idea of commiting such an unfortunate and unneccessary crime. She obviously wasn't worth much if she was constantly fighting a man to "stay" with her. Who claims to never being "with her". I guess laying on her back wasn't working anymore, heaven forbid the feeling of a man's rejection. Now if that is not motive to want to get back at a man. It's unfortunate Giangrossi let her venumous words lead him to such a tragic situation. What is much worse, is this vicious woman, who would prey on a 62 year old, wealthy business man who she somehow convinced that paying someone to hurt another individual, would somehow be protecting her. She should have just kept her mouth shut, as she did not seem to be a victim but rather a bitter woman trying to take revenge on someone no matter the cost, or who's lives she would severly affect in the process. Im almost positive the jail house carries jumpsuites her size!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous poster (12/04 9:35 am) FYI, her picture is in the news now. Channel 29 posted it last night.

What you are theorizing is quite possible. That is in fact what Steve is claiming, but what has not been published and aired are the nasty and hateful text messages and voicemails from Steve to Madica over the past 5 years. They have been harrassing each other since they met. This will all come out in court. I think Madica is emotionally unstable, but not as evil as Steve is trying to make her look. Madica is a fairly pretty blonde who is thought of my some as a gold digger, extremely jealous and insecure, but even people who would not necessarily consider her a friend...or the type of person they would be friends with...would not think of her as an evil mastermind behind a murder plot AND a get-rich-quick scheme...just the get-rich-quick scheme.

wench said...

I agree. Jealous, insecure and a little crazy, yes. Evil mastermind, no.

Anonymous said...

To the FYI Anonymouse Post:

I never said she was "EVIL" I said I question her "ROLE" behind the this whole ordeal. And "pretty blonde" is obviously an outward appearance...EVIL comes from within. That cannot always be seen by the human eye. And maybe, just maybe she used her "pretty" to get someone else to commit her inner "evil" desires. And yes I have heard about he the relationship with Steve. I have heard about the direspectful and vulgar ways they came at eachother. And although you bring up the fact that Steves text messages and what not have not been aired...the men on trail for murder are not in relation to HIM. So who said more? At this point it is very well known that she is even as you posted, "unstable and insecure". That would drive any man to come back with harsh comments or remarks. Any man knows how much a woman can drive him crazy, enough to say some mean and nasty things. But any woman knows, what she can do and say to drive a man insane. So if it was not obvious enough, I am not siding with either Madica OR Steve. My concern is towards the two wealthy business men who were convinced that Steve was infact so horrible they needed to be hurt. So who has made who to look more evil than they really are?

{Let's stay focused on the facts not feelings}

As if gold-digger was not even more of a motive. Which is sad to hear that, that is what "people thought of her as". Wow, Im not sure a woman without a cause would have THAT as a label. Especially following this chain of events.

Is is just a coincidence that such an "unstable" woman would make it possible to get a man to become just as unstable as she is. "Misery loves company"...right? Its unfortunate it was at another's expense. I say just for being a gold digger she should serve the sentence for all those on trial. No, not for being "evil", but maybe that will teach women not to try to be so "pretty" it seems to be called now-a-days! And it will teach men that "pretty" may not always be so "pretty" after all.

Anonymous said...

I am a close friend of Steve's family and his advocate. I knew Madica aka Madusa for the five years they were together. She antoganized and and harrassed him until he was going nuts. She is very insecure and psychotic. I feel very sorry for her. She told me more than once that she was addicted to Steve and couldn't let him go! Steve tried to get her counseling SHE REFUSED IT. I seen her chase him down in her car, almost hitting him. Putting pornographic pictures, blow up dolls on his front yard. She even texted him on his birthday in September (yes, after her August marriage) to wish him a happy birthday. She is a nut job and needs to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Being a "nut job" is not a crime. Unless and until there is proof that Madica was in on the plan to have Steve murdered, she doesn’t belong in jail. I will agree that she has mental health issues, especially when it comes to relationships. She can’t handle being dumped by anyone, even if she really doesn’t want to be with that person anymore. Madica believes that anyone that takes medication or seeks counseling for mental health is abnormal. In her mind, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics are the same thing. There is a history of mental illness in her family and I think she refuses counseling because she fears the diagnosis. Again, in her mind, any mental health issue means you are abnormal and she can’t handle the thought of being abnormal. She is very closed-minded and absolutely cannot see anything wrong with her behavior. If you suggest that she just let something go or learn to deal with a situation differently, her response is, “I can’t. There is no point in trying because I can’t.” She doesn’t want to change because she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her…or at least she’s trying real hard to believe that.

Anonymous said...

exactly. everyone needs to just freakin MOVE ON! and he was talking about the truth. yeah get the truth from EVERYONE!
i think hes just being jealous and wants all this attention. well guess what buddy. its making you look like a whiney baby.

Anonymous said...

It is kind of funny to see a master predator at work. Stewart's own words and actions are very telling. First, , Stewart used what appears to be a “sawed off “ shotgun in “self defense” that he proudly displays on video. Stewart has a restraining order against him which strictly forbids any firearms in his possession. Let me get this straight as ironic as it may seem, If Stewart honored the restraining order before the killing, the man would still be alive. OK he needed a gun because he is so upstanding, but what about after the killing? HE STILL HAS THE GUN AND A RESTRAINING ORDER!!!!!!
Stewart says “I would never hurt anyone” then proceeds to request some time alone with them after shooting a man. Stewart says “I have never stalked anyone ever,” then on video he is shown going to coast roofing and circling the business on many occasions…. I guess Stewart needed a new roof?
Steward shoots a man breaking into his house who is going to throw a “gasoline bomb,” this is very fishy. I suppose that the man breaking into the house was going to ignite the gasoline bomb while he was in the house at the same time thereby incinerating himself in the process… this makes a lot of sense if they were both killed then dead men tell no tales?
Then there is Stewarts comment just before he shot the guy, “ooops!” I realize that Stewart knew someone was serious about “taking care of him,” but it appears that he was lying in wait so he could exact his own kind of justice, that is why he never called the police after the first attempt on his life.
Although Stewart appears to be the victim, he committed a few felony’s to become one.
Speaking of felony’s Stewart has a few on his record going way back, several for violence and illegal weapons manufacture… sawed off shot gun, is there a pattern developing? Stewart’s record was available on line at the KCSD web site. This is a twisted tail where the victim appears to be a justified Saint and the perpetrators vile and conniving. A closer look at the “victim” reveals a different story. This appears to be a story where the real victims become the perpetrators and the perpetrator becomes the victim or is it a little of both?
The fact that Stewart still has the shotgun IS AN OUTRAGE showing that the restraining order is not worth the paper it is written on and violates the very premise that the order suppose to support.

Anonymous said...

And now ladies and gentlemen, we have the new and improved Steve Stuart with a litany of new charges all stemming from the restraining order against him. I know he loves to sleep with his guns but with a restraining order thats a no no including manufacturing an illegal weapon, AKA a sawed of shot gun. He has an out, turn in three and get away free all IN THE FURTHERANCE OF JUSTICE. What a crock our justice system is! This animal has quite a history check it out on the KCSD web site unless they took it down again. It seems he has someone hiding his info. periodicly.