Friday, April 18, 2008

Jared Brown Benefit Sunday Car Wash And The ABC23 Bako Boyz - By N.L. Belardes

One of the guys who works on the engineering side of ABC23 is one of the Bako Boyz, a group of local Bakersfield motorcycle enthusiasts. He's also a friend of Jared Brown who died in a hit-and-run crash. I didn't know the ABC23 guy was in the club until a few days ago. I didn't know when I saw him the other night. I was archiving some video and laughing because the old video was funny to watch.

The ABC23 guy smiled. He made a few light jokes. But I had yet to make the connection. A few days later I saw him sitting in a chair on another news station, speaking out on behalf of other motorcycle riders who were all hurting because of the loss of their brother.

He was already growing his beard out as his way to support his friend who is in Iraq. I read a recent blog of his about being a friend to a guy selling strawberries in a parking lot. He spoke about reaching out to people. It's important to him.

I haven't seen him since so haven't even had a chance to tell him I'm sorry for his loss. I also haven't told him that it seems like the Bako Boyz are a wonderfully supportive group of friends. With all the infighting I have seen in the local scenes, makes me wonder why more groups of people aren't like the Bako Boyz.

I watched a big chunk of the video of motorcycles streaming across an overpass into the cemetery where Brown was laid to rest. I watched all the raw crash video. I captured an image of the motorcycle resting on the road and posted it on the web and wondered why it is that people have to suffer. I know the answer. But I'm human. I still wonder.

Today I learned that ABC23 had the Car Wash benefit information wrong. I'd like to apologize for that. It's on Sunday at 10am at the Sports Authority on Ming Avenue.

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Live Like You Died Before... said...

Wow.... I'm honestly touched.... thank you for caring what others are going through... I consider YOU my friend too....