Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mystery Boy And The Mystery Tarp At The Star Trek Prequel Filming - By N.L. Belardes

Who is the mysterious Star Trek kid in this image?

J.J. Abrams has been on the outskirts of Bakersfield finishing up secondary filming for the new Star Trek prequel after jet-setting back from the release of Coverfield in Japan. Thanks to a car crash, the movie was exposed by the CHP. No big secret anymore, though I do believe hardcore trekkies might be interested in examining a few related little secrets.

So most people are already over the hoopla. Big deal. Not me. I love a good mystery related to the Bakersfield area. Heck I'm still excited that portions of Indy 4 were filmed near Fresno. In the case of that movie, I've gone cold turkey. I won't even watch the trailer--no spoilers for me. But the new Star Trek prequel film? I'm far too curious to ignore every little detail that Trekkies might be into. I want to uncover each morsel that I can regarding the local filming.

I practically mugged the cameraman for his tape of what he captured. Poor guy.

Now keep reading, because there are at least two mysteries.

The first? Who is the kid in the corvette?

Watch this video:

After carefully looking at the footage our ABC23 cameraman brought back, and on a tip from a mysterious source, the boy could be Spencer Daniels. He is listed as being a part of the film. Anthony Pascale of said regarding the local filming, "It's kind of the last thing they had to do with minor actors."

Heck, if this is a flashback scene, could the boy be playing the brother of young James T. Kirk? Find out more from

I have to admit at first I thought Pascale's site, (Read ABC article on filming near Bakersfield), was a viral marketing site planted in 2006 as part of a newsy marketing ploy. They have secret movie info and Pascale himeself tracked me down on MySpace late at night. I'm thinking he's an ex-CIA thug if not on J.J. Abrams' payroll. But then Pascale informed me that " covers all aspects of Star Trek and this movie is just the most exciting topic to report these days."

Site Manager secrets revealed: Read article on Bakersfield shoot

Pascale said is serious, but fun, and that he's not even as big of a trekkie as some of the site's hardcore contributors. "I attracted some good writers," he said. It's just a great site for trekkie info and they do a good job at getting it.

The second mystery?

What's under the tarp... After I carefully scoured the cameraman's footage, I realized there was something covered that crews did not want captured by nosey news crews, even though they were shooting next to a busy highway (another reason I thought this a marketing ploy. Not too secretive when you're filming along Highway 119). In the video you can see the crew carefully peek underneath. A security guard stands right in front and then a bus is pulled in front to block the view.

Watch the video:

Now if this scene is all about a flashback, kids in corvettes, etc., then what is under that tarp? You tell me...

There you have it... mystery kid, mystery tarp... reveal the secrets and I'll buy you a pack of gum.


jrodriquez said...

yummy star trek posts!

Trish said...

The boy could be Kirk himself. I don't think it could be Kirk's son. I'm not sure how long David was on Regula I with his mother undergoing Project Genesis. But, I doubt he was ever in Iowa. I want to find out more of David now, though. Obviously I'm excited and looking for more info! Woot Bako and Star Trek!

N.L. Belardes said...

Hey Trish, thanks for stopping by. I think the secret there isn't Kirk's son, but Kirk as a kid, and possibly his brother... go to for more secrets.

And I'm very happy to say that my latest on-air segment is on! Woot to that!! WOOT!

Darryl said... is heroin for a geek like me. I check that site at least twice a day, I can't help myself. And any piece of the mystery you can shed light on, is greatly appreciated by me.